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Thursdays Drawing Suite I: The Body

Thursdays Drawing Suite I: The Body


10th January 2019


Join the SRA Adult Art Community in our weekday Introductory Figure Drawing Session. Artist, Saabira Razac will take you on an immersive journey into the beauty and intrigue of drawing the Human Form. Students will learn Proportion, Shading and Material Usage of Charcoal, Graphite and Conte whilst encouraging your own personal style of drawing. This is a beginners course and focusses greatly on understanding the Female form and how to critically breakdown simple compositions for drawing purposes.

This course is structured as series of mini workshops, Art History and Inspirational sessions, along with prolonged drawing practises. This class is ideal for the students wanting to learn and explore Life Drawing practises, cultivating your own personal style of Drawing and pushing your artistic interpretation of the Human Form.

Cost Includes: Four 3-hr sessions.

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