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Saturdays Drawing Suite: Human Form II

Saturdays Drawing Suite: Human Form II


Saturdays 9am - 12noon (Call for Students commencing August 11th 2018)

Join the SRA Adult Art Community in our Intermediate Figure Drawing session. This course explores Inspirational Design and how to create a dynamic Figure composition. Students are focussed on Foreshortening techniques, Photography, Bodyscapes, Introduction of Anatomy for the Artist, Art History, Research and Development of Inspiration as well as refining personal style of drawing.

Students experience mini workshops and Art History seminars, Inspirational and research sessions along side prolonged drawing practises, sometimes with a life model. This class is ideal for students continuing to learn and explore Life Drawing practises, cultivating their own personal style and pushing their artistic understanding of the Human Form.

Cost Includes: Four 3-hr sessions.

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