Saabira Razac Artwork

Adult Art Classes


Studio Style Courses


The Human form

Figure Artist, Saabira Razac teaches comprehensive drawing and painting techniques of the human form. As is her speciality, you will learn the fundamentals of Life Drawing in a fun and relaxed environment. SRA caters to a range of artistic levels, from persons new to Life drawing to those with a bit more exposure.


Proportion of Human Form

Material Handling of Graphite and Charcoal

Balance within the Figure

Foreshortening of the Human Form

Anatomy for the Artist


The Design Studio

SRA Design Studio is a wonderful and innovative way to learn the fundamentals of design. We teach from the ground up, helping each student to dig deep into their imagination and create drawings that are intricate, unique and fun. Here, you will gain tools on how to tackle any subject matter in your own refined and informed style.


Creating from your Imagination

The Balancing Act: How to achieve Balance in your Style

Pattern Creation and Manipulation

Colour Theory

Material Handling of Ink, Gouache and Graphite

Methodical Design