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Wednesdays Painting Suite II: Portraiture

Wednesdays Painting Suite II: Portraiture


September 2019

Weekly 10am to 1pm

This Introductory Oil Painting Course teaches students how to create portraiture artwork from inspiration to end product. Students will learn how to draw the human face realistically and in proportion, to cultivate their own personal style of painting and be introduced to proper usage of Oil Paints and Brush techniques.

This course is ideal for students interested in portraiture and want to create artwork that is personal and unique. You will learn to create confidently and foster a great appreciation for the Arts.

All Oil Paint materials used are non toxic and odourless. Students use art making products that do not harm your health. No turpentines are used.

Beginners and all skill levels are welcomed.

12 hr course. Course is ongoing and buildable.

Limited Spots available.

Location: Grovedale, VIC

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