Adult Art Classes

Thursdays Design Suite I: Landscape Design

Thursdays Design Suite I: Landscape Design


September 2019

Weekly 10am-12noon. Begins September 05th 2019

Join us in this new and exciting series of design classes. Students will learn the fundamentals of design and techniques that will push your own art making style further. You will learn about the secrets of proper design, drawing narration and balancing composition, warping proportion, creating from your imagination and material handling of graphite, markers, coloured pencils and ink.

This course is ideal for students interested in design and want to push their artistic style further. This course is structured as prolonged painting practises with Inspirational Seminars. You will grow and learn to create confidently whilst fostering a great appreciation for this genre of Art Design.

All Skill levels are welcomed.

8hr course. Course is ongoing and buildable.

Limited Spots available. Request for new students are welcomed.

Location: Grovedale, VIC

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