The Artist


Saabira Razac Artworks
Artist | Art Instructor

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Tel. +61 414 218 394
E.  artist@saabirarazac.com

The SRA Community is a platform for learning to create beautiful and unique Artwork as well as purchasing designs, prints and paintings from talented digital artist, Saabira Razac. Saabira has been academically trained in proper art making practises. She provides both in person and online classes that are geared towards her students creating, designing and self inspiring their own style of Artwork. 

Saabira Razac can be described as a digital artist, who paints, oil on timber. Her portfolio is an in depth exploration of colour, form and line. Her abstract-realist designs describe the core indicators of what makes a subject. Her drawings are minimalist in nature yet contain all the signifiers that make the subject known. Saabira's draws both from nature and human figures.